Below is a letter template you can use to recruit your friend to Greater Louisville! Simply cut and paste the content below into your email or letterhead, replace the items in the red brackets and customize the letter to your preference.  Need additional resources or help with your recruiting efforts? Contact us

Friend-To-Friend Template


You’ve probably seen me post a time or two about how much I love my community and wanted to reach out to you directly because I really think you would really love it too. I moved to Greater Louisville in [INSERT DATE] -OR- have been living in Greater Louisville since [INSERT DATE] and people always ask me Why Louisville? It’s a growing, vibrant community rich in the food and arts culture PLUS is still accessible and affordable. In my opinion Greater Louisville is a hidden gem, but the word is getting out!

Prior to moving to Greater Louisville my commute time was [INSERT TIME], now it’s [INSERT TIME]. I now have more time in my day to do the things I love, [INSERT INTERESTS, I.E. HIKING, BIKING, VOLUNTEERING, ETC] and more! Thanks to Greater Louisville I have a better quality of life and can live the life I love!

There are a lot of great job opportunities and we have a thriving entrepreneur community, so you can find your dream job or start working on your next big idea — the choice is yours!

What about the cost of living? Not only am I saving time, but also money! In [INSERT CITY], I was paying [INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT] for [INSERT SQUARE FEET] square feet, [INSERT # OF BEDROOMS] bedroom apartment and here in Greater Louisville, I’m only paying [INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT] for [INSERT SQUARE FEET] square feet, [INSERT # OF BEDROOMS] bedroom apartment!

But don’t take my word for it; check out the Cost of Living Calculator. You can plug in your city and compare the cost to Greater Louisville to see how much you’ll save!

Neighborhoods: Louisville offers pedestrian districts so well-served you don’t need to buy a car, rural areas so secluded you can’t even see your closest neighbor, and everything in between. Greater Louisville perfectly balances the big-city feel without losing its small-town charm. I currently live in [INSERT NEIGHBORHOOD] and love that it’s [INSERT DESCRIPTION, I.E. WALKABLE, SAFE, CLEAN, ETC…]. Click here to learn more about our diverse neighborhoods so you can find the perfect fit for you!

Also check out these additional resources to learn more about our regional community:

I love my life here in Greater Louisville and the only thing missing is you! Come visit me and see for yourself why Greater Louisville is a great place to work, live, create and innovate! Hopefully I can convince you to make the smart move!




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