Below is a letter template you can use to recruit new talent to Greater Louisville! Simply cut and paste the content below into your email or letterhead, replace the items in the red brackets and customize the letter to your preference.  Need additional resources or help with your recruiting efforts? Contact us

Recruiter-To-Recruit Template


I’m happy to hear that you are considering a new career opportunity in Greater Louisville. I have lived here all my life –OR- moved here in [INSERT DATE] from [INSERT CITY] and I know that you will enjoy making our community your new home.

Greater Louisville has a lot to offer. We have a strong economy, a reasonable cost of living, an easy commute, diverse housing and neighborhoods, and a rich food and arts culture. But don’t take my word for it; find out why people are choosing Greater Louisville. Each and every day people are making the smart move to Greater Louisville and you should too!

Not only is Greater Louisville progressive, but it’s affordable too. ranked Louisville as the 3rd Most Affordable Place to Live in the U.S. and Smart Asset ranked Louisville 8th in their Top 10 Cities for First-Time Homebuyers list. You can afford to live the life you love in a neighborhood you love. Check out the Cost of Living Calculator, where you can plug in your current city and compare the cost to Greater Louisville to see how much you can save.

Check out these additional resources to learn more about our regional community:

We’d love to invite you to visit and see for yourself how great it is here in Greater Louisville! We bet you’ll make the smart move to Greater Louisville!





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