RegionMap_Counties_State NamesThe Greater Louisville Regional Economic Development Organization is a partnership comprised of 15 county economic development organizations with the goals of bringing a greater awareness to, and growing our region.  The regional data in this section helps paint the picture of Greater Louisville’s current and future workforce, attractive standard of living, and pro-business environment.

Louisville, the nation’s 28th largest city, is home to a dynamic, diversified economy, which outperformed the U.S. in job and income growth over the last decade.  The Greater Louisville region draws workers from a 26-county bi-state area, providing an ample and reliable source of educated and skilled employees.  And the public and private sectors are collaborating to ensure that workforce quality continues to improve.

The business community, local governments, and education providers are working toward a shared vision that focuses on people – tomorrow’s workforce – as both the means to, and the ultimate beneficiaries of future economic growth.  Innovative inclusion initiatives, transformational education attainment programs, and proactive talent attraction and retention measures are accelerating Louisville’s progress in this area.

The Regional Economic Development team will make regular updates to the data presented, but will also provide custom reports upon request.  Dig through our data and discover what all this region has to offer!


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Download a Greater Louisville Regional Overview in PDF Format below. For further data research please visit STATS Indiana and ThinkKentucky.